Industrias Tomás Morcillo S.L. is a Spanish company located in Valencia. We produce plastic products with injection moulding technology.

Company born 40 years ago, founded by Tomás Morcillo Barjola, actual president of the company. 

Today we are a consolidated company , with 7 million Sales and around 50 employees.

Injection Moulding Services

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About the company


Main Products 

ITM lead the European Chutes Industry last 25 years. Our product have the best value for price in the market.
We produce all our Chutes with Injection Moulding process in high durable Polyethilene which guaranties a
robust and safety system for debris removal.
We have a complete catalog of Chutes with three sizes for different purposes, and standard or hopper section.

ITM supply debris chutes all around the world with partners, we do not sell directly. We design and produce the chutes, and our partners supply the product and services to the customer.
If your business is focused on supply to scaffolding, roofers, general contractors or  construction rental companies, you could have an additional incomes with the chutes and services around it, while you offer a really high value service to your customers with the best quality product tested during years.





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ITM has manufacturing facilities to produce plastic parts from 100 gr up to 15000 gr, with clamping force sizes ranging from 30 to 2700 Tn